Stair Carpet In Croydon

Here at Carpet Croydon we have some great stair carpet we could recommend. Typically on the stairs you want a carpet that has a tight pile si it does flatter in the middle. And although some people prefer a soft or thick carpet, a tight pile carpet will look better for longer, keeping its original shape and look. We have some great, heavy wear carpets we can recommend that come in many colours and styles of which many come with a ten year guarantee. The main carpet we recommend for the stairs is a cut pile carpet, which is quite a normal looking carpet, but for the price it is, it’s a very good carpet for the stairs. It also looks great throughout the house and is bleach cleanable making it perfect for family homes. The carpet is also VP protected and moth proof which again is great for young families. But their are many options available. Maybe you’re prefer a loop pile carpet, which although loop pile carpets are topically not bleach cleanable, they do good fantastic and are topically very hard wearing of their stairs. We have a really nice loop pile Cormar carpet we would recommend for the stairs. It is a stripped carpet and when fitted correctly, it looks fantastic. When fitting stripped carpet its very important having a carpet fitter with a good amount of experience and one that will taker responsibility if things go wrong. The reason is because you need to make sure the stripped match come down the stairs. And sometimes, especially on a large patter stripe, this can take quite a bit of experience. But rest assured, all our carpet fitters have many years experience and can fit the most challenging stair cases. No matter what is it, from carpet whipping with winders  inverted ball-noses, all are fitting is guaranteed when you get your carpet from us. For a free quote for your stair carpet, call us now. 

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