Grey Carpet

Here at Carpet Croydon we have many options and price ranges to choose from in grey carpet. If you’re on a budget or looking for a really great deal, let us know. We have some great grey carpets that are on special offer. This is not a false sale like some companies do, we are able to give a good price for the carpet as we buy in full role of our most popular carpets. When we do this, we get a great deal and pass the saving onto you. Also, sometimes manufactures discontinue a carpet,when this happens we might buy the full role which is left over and again, we will save money. All these saving get past onto our customers so you get a great bargain. So if you’re looking for a good deal, let us know before we come to measure the area, we will be happy to bring some sample along and show you these carpets to see if you like any. Or you can visit our local carpet shop if you’re looking for a more particular grey carpet or trying to mach it to wall paper, as in our showroom you will have much better luck. We have so many carpets and many types of grey, some hard wearing, some are very soft and many are beach cleanable which is perfect for families. 

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