Carpet Runners in Croydon

If you’re looking for a carpet runner in the local area, Carpet Croydon has some great options for you to choose from. Topically, you’re best having a good idea of the type of carpet you’re looking for as a runner. Depending on how complicated the runner will be, we might need to come to the location a few times. The first time will be to cut the carpet to the exact  size you want, and then we’d need to send the carpet off to be whipped before fitting it properly at a later date. If you’re looking for a carpet runner, please call us and explain what you’re looking for, we will be please to help you. 

Stair Carpet Runners

If you’re looking for stair carpet runners and are wondering how the procces works, please call us so we can anser any questions you might have. But to give a simple explination, you can either give use the size or we can come and meausdre the area for free. Once we have the size of the stairs, you can choose a carpet from the samples we bring, or from our showroom. The best way to move forward is to book a fitting date, when we come around we will cut the carpet to the whipth you’re like the stair runners. Then we will send the carpets off again to be whipped, before coming back on a later date to fit the carpet. 

Carpet Runners For Halls

Hallway carpet runners can look great when done right. You can choose can type of carpet you want and the process can be fairly simple. You can choose your carpet from one of our many options, once we have the size we can give you a quote for the carpet and and the carpet whipping. You can either have the carpet fitted by us or you can pick it up at our carpet shop if you want a simple carpet runner for the hallway. For more information and prices, call us now.

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